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Welcome to dream.write.now! We are an online community where young authors and artists can share their work. 


Here are the official website rules


Rule #1: Be Kind

This website is a place for authors to share their work with others. If you would like to give suggestions or comment on other's stories, feel free too. Just be kind about it. Don't make fun of anyone's stories and don't leave rude comments. This rule also applies to plagiarism. Please, don't copy other's stories or ideas, and don't repost them without the author's consent.


Rule #2: Keep It Clean

Please, keep your stories clean. By clean, I mean PG-12 and under. If anyone doesn't follow this rule, their story will be removed from the blog. Enough said.


Rule #3: No Chatting On The Blog

Please don't use blog posts for chatting. If you would like to chat with others or discuss their stories, please use the Forum page or the comment section under the post.


Okay, that's enough rules, have fun reading and writing stories!



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